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Solar Power Systems are being installed and now is the time for companies and homeowners to capitalize with Rooftop Solar! Federal, State, and Local Government Utility incentives ensure a fast ROI and immediate savings on your electricity bills.

The #GAINRenewables team is hard at work ensuring your fast ROI (Return on Investment), with typical payback periods ranging from 3 years to 10 years. CFO’s LOVE this use of capital! Contact us today for a free assessment of your property and electricity usage.

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It is hot and dry in the Midwest in July, and GAIN is busy installing Rooftop Solar throughout the Midwest, where solar panels have high productivity during summer sunshine.

This picture, however, reminds us that solar remains VERY effective and productive in the winter months too. In fact, colder temperatures typically improve solar panel output.

Many clients are surprised by this, as their perception is different than the facts.

Don’t let the prospects of the cold, harsh snowy weather keep you from adding rooftop solar.

The time is NOW to capitalize on Federal, State, and Local incentives, making for fast ROI and immediate savings.

Contact GAIN renewables today for a free assessment.


Hi, my name is Katie and I am a current college student going into my junior year. I have been grateful to receive an opportunity to intern for GAIN Renewables this summer. GAIN Renewables is a new, up and coming solar installer located in the Midwest. During my internship, I have learned a wealth of new information about solar, including how this source of energy will dominate our generation. As a 20 year-old college student, I did not understand a great deal about solar or its benefits in helping our environment. I know many of you reading this post are as clueless as I was before I started working for GAIN. I am here to shed light on the benefits of solar and how solar is going to save the world. Solar utilizes the limitless power of the sun to generate electricity to power homes, commercial buildings and whole cities. According the CNN Business, “solar energy will be the cheapest source of energy in history and could become the new ‘king’ of the world’s electricity markets” ( Besides saving money, this is sustainable energy that will benefit our environment by eliminating fossil fuels and reducing air pollution. Contact me to learn more!

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