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Cost saving renewable energy pays for itself by balancing financing with rebates and incentives.

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Return on Investment

With rapid payback, strong internal rates of return and a predictable cash flow stream, commercial solar projects can deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for businesses. In many cases, a commercial solar project can generate incremental revenue, effectively creating a new profit center for the company.

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Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility

Electricity prices are highly volatile and difficult to predict. By generating your own clean electricity onsite, you can reduce your company's exposure to this price volatility.  Taking advantage of low upfront cost financing options can make energy a fixed monthly cost.

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Benefit from Government Incentives

Federal, state and even local governments frequently offer attractive rebates and incentives to encourage businesses to invest in solar. Effective utilization of available incentive programs can dramatically reduce the upfront cost of solar, while providing a predictable long-term revenue stream.

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Marketing and Public Relations Benefits

Solar positions your business as a forward-thinking environmental leader, while aligning you closer to your local community. Your customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and neighbors can all share in the success of your corporate commitment to the environment.

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