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Falling Upward 2024

A couple years ago I read a great book titled Falling Upward by a Franciscan priest named Richard Rohr.  It is a great encouragement about what to do with the second half of your life.  I devoured it while going through a traumatic event, and it gave me a great lens to the future.  We all get 2nd chances and renewed opportunities to make an impact.

Many of you have shaped me in one way or another.  Some of you have been intentional in helping, and some of you unintentionally (my sincere apologies).  It was a humbling experience to say the least to start 3 new companies during Covid, a capital markets disarray, rollercoaster interest rates, wars, and global dissonance on what the “truth” is.

I still gives me great joy to “be crazy” and find innovative ways to deliver above average investor returns through finding value in real estate, and providing sustainable energy to power it.  For all the investors, lenders, supporters, the team at GAIN (past and present), friends and family, I say “THANK YOU”.

God bless you all in 2024!


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