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New $100 Million Fund Presents Strong Opportunity in Booming Renewable Energy Market

GAIN has recently launched an exciting new $100 million Renewable Energy Fund that offers accredited investors a chance to earn attractive returns while supporting the growth of clean power. This fund provides exposure to high-growth markets like solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle (EV) charging that are surging in demand globally. For investors, it presents a compelling opportunity to deploy capital in assets with stable yields, tax benefits, and diversification.

Massive Growth in Solar, Energy Storage and EVs

The renewable energy sector is experiencing tremendous expansion. Solar capacity alone is projected to grow over 15% annually through 2026 as costs continue to fall. Energy storage is key to enabling greater solar adoption and also seeing major growth. EV sales are skyrocketing at over 48% per year as charging infrastructure expands and adoption accelerates. The Inflation Reduction Act also provides major incentives like tax credits up to 50% that will spur further development.

Stable Yields and Diversification

GAIN Renewable Fund 1 offers investors infrastructure-like assets with 25+ year operating lives and minimal maintenance costs. Solar projects and EV charging generate consistent cash flow via long-term power purchase agreements and usage fees. This enables the fund to target 10%+ yields for investors. The returns are also uncorrelated to equity and bond markets, providing diversification and risk management.

Tax Benefits Create Additional Value

Between federal tax credits from the IRA and state incentives, investors can monetize substantial credits for immediate returns over 10%. For those with high taxable passive income, acquiring credits at a discount is a creative way to realize value. The tax advantages provide another form of return on top of predictable yields.

Positive Impact Alongside Strong Returns

Investing in renewable energy enables investors to generate robust returns and also supports the transition to clean power. Expanding solar, storage, and EV infrastructure reduces carbon emissions and pollution while creating jobs. The GAIN Renewable Fund allows investors to achieve competitive returns and make a positive environmental impact.


With sunny forecasts for solar, energy storage, and EVs, GAIN Renewable Fund 1 presents an exciting opportunity. Investors can deploy capital into stable, contracted assets in high-growth markets while realizing tax advantages. The fund offers yield, diversification into real assets, and environmental benefits. For accredited investors aligned with renewables, it provides an ideal way to participate in the accelerating sustainable energy transition. Get in touch with us today for more information at or get more details here.
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