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Save money.  Save the environment.  Be independent.


Free Consultation

On request, our Energy Consultants will call you, during which we will review aerial imagery of your property to determine your site’s suitability and ask you to provide access to your utility usage. We will discuss preliminary options, pricing, and provide a sense of how solar can save you money and increase your independence from the electric company. 

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Customized Solar Plan

When we both agree your property is a good candidate for solar, our Energy Consultants will conduct an in-home visit to confirm the condition of your roof’s structure as well as your electrical connections.  We will then develop a customized solar plan for your home, which clearly shows your costs, anticipated energy savings, financing options, and a guide of the Federal and State incentive programs.

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Once you accept our proposal, our in-house team handles the paperwork with the electric company, secures all necessary permits from the local jurisdiction, and finalizes the plans and schedule for your project.  Our Project Coordinator will keep informed of our exact timelines and scheduling.

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Post-Installation and Monitoring

After your installation is complete, we will perform an on-site quality control inspection to ensure that the installation meets expectations, and to give you access to the integrated web-based performance monitoring app.  We will also answer any questions and provide you with a Customer Care binder with as-built design plans, permits, operating manuals, and warranties for your new solar system.

To understand how clean, renewable solar energy can reduce your utility expense...

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